Presenting: Reality Rush Adventures

Recently, a friend and I have been working to start an event-planning company called Reality Rush Adventures. Reality Rush runs weekend events based on Reality TV shows like Survivor, The Mole and The Amazing Race for parties, corporate retreats and team-building exercises.

In April, we ran our first game — a three day Survivor event for 16 people in Leo Carrillo State Park outside of Malibu. You can watch a short trailer of it here:

Unlike conventional event planning companies, our events are much more elaborate and intense than the typical trust falls and ropes courses. We create an authentic Reality TV game, with all of the tribal councils, pitstops, twists and intricacies of the competitive reality shows on television. The only difference is that there’s no cameras, and they take place over a weekend rather than a month.

We will be launching the official Reality Rush Adventures website soon at, and next month, we will be running two events: Sabotage: Los Feliz (based on The Mole), and The Race: City of Angels (based on The Amazing Race). Stay tuned to Reality Rush Adventures for the latest news on our company!

outlast leo carrillo group picture

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