One Second Everyday

For the past several years, I have been recording one second of my life every single day and compiling it into a 365-second video at the end of the year. My goal is to continue doing this every day for my entire life – it’s a video journal and helps me document how much I’ve experienced, and grown over the years. I use the awesome 1 Second Everyday app. Here all my 1SE year-end compilations:


Student Projects

During my four years at Ithaca College (2003-2007), I produced quite a few television shows and short films. I was extremely involved in Ithaca College Television (ICTV), and took almost every video and film production class I could. This section has some of my favorite projects I completed while I was a student, along with press was written about me and my projects.

Check out my Student Projects from Ithaca College (in its own separate section).


More coming soon…

In the meantime, check out my YouTube Channel.