Career Update, May 2008

A quick update on what I’ve been doing career-wise.

In February, I took a job as a swing Associate Producer at Actual Reality Pictures, where I worked on Flip That House season 4 for TLC, and Greenovate for the Discovery Home network.

Hope For Your Home on TLC

I am currently a Segment Producer for a new show on TLC called Should I Stay or Should I Go?, also produced by Actual Reality. It’s a home renovation show about the American mortgage crisis, where we help families in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure fix up their house, thus allowing them to refinance. I spend most of my days out in the field, shooting, conducting interviews and field-producing. It’s a fun job where I get a lot of creative input, and I’m having a great time working on this show.

I have also recently become a member of a Reality TV think tank called The G Group. The G Group is a company headed by executive producer Brian Gadinsky (American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, American Gladiators), and its primary function is to come up with new Reality TV concepts — and then sell them to networks. As a member of the think tank, I attend weekly meetings where we come up with original reality show ideas, and then develop them. If we manage to sell an idea, everyone in the group gets a cut, as well as a job on the show (if we want it). I’m very excited about this opportunity!

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