Traveling around the world!

I’ve always had a huge interest in travel, exploration and adventure, and I decided a long time ago that I wanted to see the world while I’m still young. Now, I am getting my chance!

Tomorrow, I am taking a one-way flight to Tokyo, and for the next six months, I will be backpacking around Asia — starting in Japan, and heading west (and anywhere else the winds will take me). I’ve planned nothing in advance, so it should be very exciting trip. If all goes well, and my money lasts, I’m going to continue heading all the way around the world.

For the time being, I will be putting all of my television and Los Angeles-based projects on hold, and I have just wrapped my job at Actual Reality Pictures. I’m still going to update all of my websites while I travel, as best as I can, though I’m sure they’ll also slow down a bit while I’m busy sightseeing and exploring.

I’m really excited for this trip, and I’ll be sure to share my adventures with all of you as I go!

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