Greetings from Sydney, my new home

Happy Australia Day from Down Under! Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriend Amanda and I moved to Australia on our Working Holiday Visas. We arrived on New Year’s Eve, and were greeted by the world famous Sydney Harbor Fireworks. It’s been very busy — we rented a room in a flat in Sydney (shared with several other couples from around the world), bought a mini van that we plan to travel around the country in later in our trip, and I landed a job on an Animal Planet special called “Deadliest Place on Earth”!

Just ten days into landing in Australia, I was already on the road, traveling to Adelaide, Brisbane, and Queensland filming for my new job. I’ve spent the past few weeks traveling around the country with a camera operator named Finn, interviewing victims of animal attacks (kangaroos, box jellyfish, great white sharks…) This special will air this May during Animal Planet’s “Monster Week.” Now I’m back in Sydney, and finally finding time to explore and enjoy the city.

We are planning to stay in Australia for at least six months, and Sydney for at least three months…followed by an epic Australian road trip all over the country in our van. So far, we’re loving it Down Under, and can’t wait to see as much of the country as we can!

Sydney Fireworks


Sydney Opera House!

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