Heading to Australia on my Working Holiday Visa!

This year, I turned 30…and with the clock ticking, I finally decided to pursue a dream I’ve had for many years: to live and work in a foreign country! I was granted a one year Working Holiday Visa for Australia, and will be moving there with my girlfriend Amanda on New Year’s Eve. This visa is only available for people up to age 31, and since this is my last year of eligibility, it’s now or never. Call it a “quarterlife crisis,” but after three great years working in Michigan on The Incredible Dr. Pol, it’s time for a new adventure.

A few of my good friends from Los Angeles are also going to be in Australia this coming year, and we will all be living in Sydney. I hope to get a job working in the television industry while I am Down Under, but am open to trying something in another field if the opportunity presents itself.

But I don’t plant to spend too much time working next year…it is a Working HOLIDAY Visa after all. I also plan to spend quite a bit of time traveling around and exploring Australia, a continent that I will be visiting for the first time.

I’m very excited for this extended trip to Australia. If you have any advice or connections to the Australian television industry, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

PS: Hope you liked our Australia-o-Lanterns!

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