Behind The Scenes of Dr. Pol: Dumb iMovie Trailer Edition

Behind the scenes of filming B-Roll for The Incredible Dr. Pol. it gets pretty intense! I recently got an iPhone 6 with the new version iMovie included. iMovie comes with a bunch of templates to make cheesy movie trailers, complete with music and titles…you just have to drop in the clips. I used the “Action” and “Drama” movie templates to make a few trailers showing what it’s like to work on this show.


B-Roll: The Movie

What it takes to shoot B-Roll on the farms of Michigan.


“Standing By”

The crew of The Incredible Dr. Pol works hard – but there’s also plenty of downtime on location in Michigan. Here’s a glimpse at what happens in between the emergency farm calls.


Carl The Severed Head: A Horror Movie Trailer

The Incredible Dr. Pol gets stalked by Carl, the Severed Head.

(It’s a long story, but Carl the severed head is an ongoing prank that we have on our crew. We hide this creepy head all over the place to scare crew members, and then whoever found it hides it again. This has been going on for years!)

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