JAIL: Filming in County Jail with inmates in Portland and Reno

I’ve just finished serving 6 months in Jail — not as an inmate, but as a Field Producer for Spike TV’s series “JAIL.” From Langley Productions of “Cops” fame, “JAIL” and follows fresh arrests off the street as they get booked and processed into County Jails around America.

I worked for 3 months in Portland, Oregon with the Multnomah County sheriff’s department, followed by another 3 months in Reno, Nevada with the Washoe County Sheriff. It was an eye opening experience, and I learned a lot about law enforcement and the legal system, as well as about the seedy underbelly of America: drugs, addiction, crime. My small crew (myself, camera and sound) were embedded in the jails 5 nights a week, capturing the most interesting inmates of the night – whether they were emotional, funny, or action-packed. It certainly wasn’t the easiest shoot I’ve ever done, but it was a great learning experience.

Here’s a trailer featuring some of the cases I produced for JAIL:

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