The Mongol Rally

I’ve got that itch for adventure again, so it’s time to dust off my backpack and hit the road!

This summer I will be taking part in The Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile car rally from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I’ll be driving with a team of friends through about 18 different countries with anything but suitable roads (or no roads at all), with no electronic navigational aids, in a tiny little car that is generally considered crap and completely inappropriate for the task. That’s the spirit of the Mongol Rally.


All in all, I’m planning to spend about four months abroad beginning in June. I’ll start the trip with a week in Iceland, and then I’m planning to travel to several atlatl events in in Germany with my parents, and visit some relatives in Denmark.

The Mongol Rally begins at the end of July, and our current route will take us through 17 countries: England, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Mongolia. Afterwards, I am considering taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad through Russia back to Europe and spend a few more weeks there.

One part of the rally itself is to raise money for charity — we are planning to donate well over 1,000 pounds to the people of Mongolia, as well as the car that we drive, so we will be setting up our team website and will begin collecting donations soon. It should be quite the trip!

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