The Lazy Environmentalist: Going green the easy way

In September, I started a new job — I am now an Associate Producer on The Lazy Environmentalist. TLE is an environmental TV series on The Sundance Channel, about easy and cost-effective ways of going green. The host, Josh Dorfman, helps people in various walks of life find ways to be more eco-friendly without bending over backward or making huge sacrifices. The idea is that going green doesn’t have to be hard.

We are now in the thick of production on episodes covering everything from interior decorators to surfers to funeral directors. As an AP, I do huge amounts of research, find experts to appear on the show, help write the scripts, and then produce, produce, produce.

I now know more about biofoam surfboards and biodegradable caskets than I ever dreamed I would know. I’ve also been doing a lot of shooting for our various segments. Just last week, I found myself riding along with an exterminator for the day, while he tried out eco-friendly pesticides on all sorts of cockroach, spider and rodent infestations. It has been an interesting and educational experience to say the least!

You can check out the Sundance Channel’s websites to see some clips from the show. Enjoy!

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