Reality Rush’s Races

Reality Rush, the adventure planning company that I co-founded with my friend Justin Walter, is gaining a lot of momentum! Reality Rush runs weekend team-building events based on reality shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Mole and Big Brother. And in the past two weeks, we have produced two (Amazing) Races!

The Race, produced by Reality Rush. Players at the starting line.

Both Races went incredibly well, and all the contestants had a great time. One of these races was for our first client, the staff of E! Live Events, and we are already scheduling upcoming events for groups including Teach For America and various colleges.

Our contestants have also given us rave reviews! Here are some quotes from post-Race surveys:

  • “The closest you can get to being on the real show!” – Shaun Smith, 30
  • “An unforgettable team-building experience that challenges every fiber of your being.” – Jennifer Stewart, 25
  • “Truly one of the best adventures I’ve undertaken in a long time!” – Gerry Johnston, 47

If you or your group would like to participate in one of our Reality TV inspired games, visit our website!

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