Happy New Year 2009

Happy 2009, everybody!

I returned from my trip through Asia a few weeks ago, and it’s great to be home in America! When I left at the beginning of July, I had just my backpack and a hunger for adventure. In all, I saw Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Olympics, China, Tibet, Nepal and India. The trip was absolutely incredible — but it’s hard to sum it all up here, so check out my travel blog for a more detailed account. One thing’s for sure: I caught the travel bug, and I will be going on another long trip as soon as I have the chance.

I am now home in New York for the holidays, but I will be returning to Los Angeles in a few weeks. I hope to resume all the projects I left behind this summer, and try some new and exciting things as well.

I will also be seeking a new job when I return to LA; if you have any job opportunities, send me an email at pberg1@gmail.com!

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