The Race 2 wins two PEGASYS awards

Last week, The Race 2 was awarded two PEGASYS Awards for excellence in public access television. The show won in the category for “Best Documentary,” and was also the highest-rated overall program in the competition, thus receiving the award of “Best Educational Access.” As one of the four top-rated programs, PEGASYS will be sending The Race 2 to represent Tompkins County in a national access television competition, the Hometown Awards, to be held in July by the Alliance for Community Media.

This is the second year in a row that The Race was honored at the PEGASYS awards (the first season won the same two categories in February 2007). Not only that — this was the fourth year in a row that one of my productions received an award. Unicorn Boy won “Best Comedy” and “Best Educational Access” in 2006, and The Solarium with Professor Smedley Drake won “Best Educational Access” in 2005.

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