The Race 2 hits it big on the Internet

The Race 2 has generated quite a bit of a stir online, and is currently being viewed by several thousand fans every week at Not only that, but the show is actively being discussed on dozens of message forums, people are writing play-by-play recaps of episodes to keep the Internet fans up-to-date, and we were even mentioned on

[The Race] doesn’t circle the globe, but its challenges, drama, cast and editing are reminiscent of the series that inspired it — so much so that you’ll quickly forget you’re watching something that doesn’t have a multi-million dollar budget.

You can find recaps of Race 2 episodes at and at The Reality Fan Forum. Also, an article on Online Media Cultist predicts that there will be a big online reality tv hit in the next 6 – 9 months, and cites The Race as an example of a stellar web-based show. As the author says, “we’re set for a paradigm shift in how ‘television’ is thought of, funded, covered, and viewed.” I couldn’t agree more. I am currently planning to shoot a brand new, low-budget, web based reality show in the next few months in Los Angeles — so maybe that big reality hit will be my next project.

Today, I will be uploading the final Race 2 episode to, so be sure to check it out!

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